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        About us

        Ryan Pharmachem

        Suzhou Ryan Pharmachem Technology Co., Ltd is a R&D and production company specializing in chemical intermediate, active pharmaceutical ingredient, formulation technology.We have a broad experience in synthesis of organic molecules from milligrams to several hundred kilograms,providing services of custom synthesis, contract research, and the manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals for pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutes all over the world.We maintained close cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies and enterprises in China and abroad。We have import and export authority, most of the products are mainly sold to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries.

        Since establishment, Suzhou Ryan always persist in innovation and development, and focus on creative ability.We take strong R&D strength as the cornerstone of its development,and the R&D centre is located in New Distric in Suzhou.We employ a high-level, professional, and international team. The R&D team is led by Ph. D. and M. A. with overseas research background and abundant working experience,and the team members are high-tech talents with bachelor's degree or above in medicine and chemical engineering.The R&D center has advanced equipment,multiple functions lab.Glass reactors (1-100L),NMR,LC-MS,HPLC,GC are equipped to fulfil responsibility of R&D.With enhanced quality management system for production process control,We obtained the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

        Suzhou Ryan cooperated with Laos Alliance Pharmaceutical Group to establish the manufacturing site with many specialized production workshops in Vientiane in 2016.R&D,Production&sales complement each other and constantly promote the company's rapid development.

        We always adhere to the tenet of “Quality stands for the life of enterprise”and”Creative mind builds quality”.We have confidence and ability to help you develop the market and make remarkable achievements.Please share your feedback with us.

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