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        Sales hotline


        Key Products

        Specially for pharmaceutical companies, R&D companies to provide customized synthesis, synthesis research and services


        Suzhou Ryan Pharmachem Technology Co., Ltd is a R&D and production company specializing in chemical intermediate, active pharmaceutical ingredient, formulation technology.We have a broad experience in synthesis of organic molecules from milligrams to several hundred kilograms,providing services of custom synthesis, contract research, and the manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals for pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutes all over the world.We maintained close cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies and enterprises in China and abroad...


        We are good at such chemical reactions:

        Cyclization?reaction, halogenation reaction, acylation reaction, synthesis reaction, diazotization reaction, nitration reaction, redox rea ction, alkylation reaction, hydrogenation reaction, acylation reaction, e sterification reaction, aminolysis reaction, etc. Reactions of personal name such as: Ullmann reaction, Wittig reaction, Grignard reaction, Diels-Alder reaction, Reformatsky reaction, Suzuki coupling reaction, Friedel-Crafts reaction, Mannich reaction, and the like.

        Suzhou Ryan Pharmachem Technology Co., Ltd.

        • Address: Hefeng Industrial Park, Taishan Road, High-tech Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
        • Zip code: 215000
        • Tel:+86-512-68780025 , +86-512-68780026
        • Fax:+86-512-68780025-8004
        • E-mail:sales@ryanchem.com
        • Website:http://www.wellnessquad.com


        • Marketing department:Mr Zhang
        • Tel:+86-18962125825、+86-512-68780025
        • QQ:1483835499
        • E-mail:sales@ryanchem.com


        • Marketing department:Mr Xia
        • Tel:+86-18914039217、+86-512-68780025
        • QQ:373294320
        • E-mail:qxia@ryanchem.com


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